What Costs are Involved in Building a New House?

When it comes to home construction, the first thing that you will consider is expenses. Building a new house is both an expensive investment and a daunting experience most especially if you do not know the basics of house building and the right people to help you manage your budget.

Everybody has a dream to build the perfect house that matches their lifestyles and needs and no one will scrimp in making their dream homes majestic-looking.

However, this is a worthy project to look forward to that, in the end, will provide you and your family the satisfaction of owning one. One of the requirements to get right is proper financial planning before embarking on your house build plans.

Most of us – YOU for this matter – want to get the best results and spend the least amount of money to realize your dream house build.

You do not need the help of Sherlock Holmes™ to investigate these since we already have the answers to these questions.

Just read on and be a well-informed new house builder afterward.

The House Built on Costs

The cost to build a house varies depending on a number of factors that includes, but are not limited to, the following:

The lot and the Location
• The lot and location you choose will affect your home build value. For example, city lots are tagged at a higher rate and cost compared to suburban lots. On average, this will cost you between $90,000 and $450,000 for a typical home or even more depending on these two home build requirements.

Inspections, Fees, and Permits
• To prepare for the actual construction, you will have to pay for the site work which includes, but is not limited to, site inspection charges, architect and contractor fees, and necessary city and government permits, to name a few. The lowest cost you can arrive at is about $3,000 or more and this depends on the size of the land or lot.

We suggest that you seek professional advice from a mortgage advisor specializing in a house building so that you can have your finances assessed properly and make you qualify for loans for building a new home application the soonest.

• The foundation is the breaking ground and excavation point that requires heavy equipment to ensure that the area is level and safe for erecting your property. The cost of the foundation is roughly around $30,000 and can climb higher depending on the number of earthmovers needed and a number of skilled operators hired to run these machinery.

Interior Finishes
• This is one of the most expensive costs in building a new house. The interior finishes will cost you around $70,000. Hence, it only makes sense to splurge on your interiors to make your house stand out among the rest.

There are many factors to consider regarding interior finishes:

  • Drywall installation – $12,000
  • Doors, windows, mirrors, and trims – $13,000
  • Appliances – $6,000
  • Lightning – $4,000
  • Cabinets and tables – $12,000
  • Fireplace – $2,000
  • Insulations – $3,000
  • Flooring and painting – $15,000
  • Plumping fixtures – $2,500

These are only the basic interior components that all houses have pre-installed prior to moving in. If you want to add more to these then expect your expenses to accrue further.

Exterior Finishes

• The exterior finishes are also an equally expensive component although not as dear as the interior finishes. This roughly amounts to $13,000 (or even higher) since it covers the perimeter of your house. Included in the exterior finishes are, but are not limited to, installation of doorways, garages, and windows, to name a few.

(NOTE: It is imperative that you already know how to find a construction loan broker because this professional will help you monitor, handle, and manage your house building cost properly. Contact one immediately once you have a rough estimate on the overall costs of your house build.)

How Long Will It Take to Build My House?

The average length of time to build your house is about one year (or longer) to complete depending on the total area of your residence.

Building a new house is time-consuming compared to buying an existing home that you can move in right away (which, on average, normally takes between 30 and 45 days, the least).

(NOTE: This can also take longer if the documentation needed in the purchase of an existing house is not yet complete.)

Is Mortgaging Available to Build a House?

The answer is YES. We have covered a number of mortgage products in our past blogs. You can revisit these posts after reading this to give you a refresher on our best offers.

You will definitely find one that fits your requirements.

Finding a Professional Construction Loan Broker

You need to search for a professional construction loan broker if you like your finances managed properly. One of the questions frequently asked is, “Can I get a mortgage to build a house? ” The answer to this is a resounding, “YES! You can get a mortgage to build a house!”

Construction loan brokers specialize in computing costs involved in building your house: from the initial assessment of your finances down to the choice of location and finally to the construction of the house itself.

You need not worry too much because everything will be covered by your construction loan broker. He/She will explain these requisites to you in simple layman’s terms so that you will better understand the procedures that house building undertakes.

Your broker may even suggest an architect hire and a contractor speak with in order to protect your investment from scammers and fraudsters.

Final Thoughts

House building cost is one of the most crucial factors to consider when erecting a new house.

Having the right knowledge on what goes into the expenses and having the proper people to provide advice in building your new residence is advantageous.

If you are experiencing problems with your current financial situation then seek a professional mortgage advisor to help you with your finances. There are available loans to alleviate your budget but you have to be assessed initially prior to your loan application.

We suggest that you fix your credit score, settle your obligations on time, and lessen your expenses so that your overall credit standing will be satisfactory for approving a loan grant.

We are your dedicated financial company that helped 96 clients materialize their dream homes in Canada. Our vision is to help families build, develop, and/or improve their homes for them to live conveniently and comfortably.

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